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Our Expertise

Strategic Counsel:  We pride ourselves on giving sound strategic counsel that is based on a solid understanding of the issue.  We work with our clients to develop a clear and comprehensive path forward.  We take into account the broad strategies and specific tactics that are needed to succeed. We have provided strategic counsel and leadership for multi-billion companies, non-profit associations, small and mid-size business, political campaigns and political organizations.  Our experience is your advantage.

Issue and Project Management:   Our approach is to carefully scan the issue and landscape, then proactively leverage everything from media relations to stakeholder integration to achieve the solution you need.  We are always mindful of your opposition’s efforts and tactics.  We proactively consider these factors as we build a winning solution for our clients.  Our approach, when blended with our experience serving in senior leadership roles for multi-billion dollar companies, non-profit associations, small and mid-size business, state and national boards, political campaigns, political organizations and leadership for collations, allows us to manage some of the most complicated projects to conclusion.

Media Relations:  We pride ourselves on our ability to “package” your story in a way that makes it compelling for your target audience.  Successful media relations are not just “who you know” but what stories you get carried by those people and your target media outlets.  We provide comprehensive media relations through earned, traditional and digital media.  We help our clients maximize the power of the media and build value by leveraging an integrated strategy of publicity and earned media.  We help our clients drive their side of the conversation with an eye on building upon your brand promise with our integrated strategies.  When working with MEF Consulting, we are able to make your “story stick” through our coordinated, traditional and digital media strategy.

Crisis Management:   Our clients don’t want to “just manage to survive” a crisis, they want to handle it with the highest level of predictability and thrive in its aftermath. What you do BEFORE the situation “goes sideways" is as important as what an organization does during the crisis.  MEF Consulting works with our clients to develop the proactive crisis plan so when a crisis hits, you’re ready to survive and thrive in its aftermath.

Coalition Building:   We believe our clients are better positioned for success when they work with organizations that advocate similar goals, visions and positions.  By advocating together, they are able to demonstrate broad based support for your issue that decision makers need to see to make the right vote.  Victory in the policy arena over the short and long-term is substantially enhanced with broad and sustainable coalitions.  At MEF Consulting, we have experience building, managing and proactively engaging public and private partner organizations into coalitions that are effective at demonstrating broad support for issues.

Grassroots Outreach:  Often the way to win the battle is to engage the grassroots and have your message carried to the decision makers who need to understand the human element of your issue by the local community.  We work with our clients to deliver your message directly to the community and develop the necessary organic and local support for our client’s issue. By seeking out and building the support at the grassroots level, we help our clients implement winning strategies.

Project Site Selection and Project Management: Selecting the appropriate site and proactively interacting with stakeholders in the community are often the keys to keeping the opposition from draining your time, money and energy for a business location. We help our clients find the appropriate location and strategy for our client’s business relocations and expansions.  We work with our clients to develop a winning strategy to navigate the local obstacles during their relocation and expansions.